A thin line

It’s safe to say that most things in life are not as straightforward as we would like them to be. While we think that everything only appears straightforwardly, certain situations induce the exact opposite. Whenever feelings are involved in these circumstances, everything gets even blurrier. No rational explanation, no red thread—especially when love and hate meet.



The question is: how is it possible that the most extreme but opposite emotions sometimes appear in pairs? Love-hate relationships, a phenomenon that each one of us has experienced: whether it occurs in our most intimate relationship with our loved ones or with a mere object and condition.

Love usually embraces a larger range of emotional experiences, whereas hatred is very precise and focused on specific aspects. It’s possible to love someone or something, but hate certain characteristics. Part of maturing is learning how to tolerate this ambivalence and finding ways to mange hostility whenever we notice this feeling within us. 




Words by Monique Schröder | Visual by Ausra Zuzeviciute and Javier Suarez Giner

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