Agora Theatre

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We often imagine theatres to be great historical buildings with enchanting halls and a sophisticated architecture. While this is usually the case, architects of the 21st century have taken a turn on iconic constructions to implement the true nature of design: an interaction of the architect, the object and the public. In 2007, the collaboration between UNStudio and B + M had exceeded public expectations in the town of Lelystad—home of Agora Theatre—where contemporary architecture meets traditional theatre spirit.

Having suffered a post-war look, Lelystad is known to be raddled by its pragmatic and rather unspectacular townscape. Agora Theatre changed everything. By putting theatrical performances into the public sphere without interrupting existing structures and surroundings, the viewer experiences its architecture far beyond the conventional functioning of a building.

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At the same time, the kaleidoscopic construction invites for interactive experiences—day and night—without limiting every touch point to the inside, as opposed to old-fashioned constructions.








Words by Guoda Bodrijute

Photography by Søren Saltoft Christensen


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