Red Days

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Own your body—it’s something so obvious yet so difficult to stick to in our day-to-day routine. With reoccurring symptoms each month, Red Days      have the power to affect a woman’s body and mind.


They can be composed of a rollercoaster of feelings: sadness, tiredness or discouragement while feeling goddess-like, beautiful, and raw at the same time.

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Sincerely processing these emotions is not an easy task. Nonetheless, the ability to honour the body, and the fact that hormones might be more visual than usual, can ease the mind. Knowing that a woman’s body resets every month is liberating. Not only because it triggers confidence—within her and her surroundings—that she can take on anything; but also because she can use the patterns of the way emotions appear to her advantage, rather than a detriment.








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Photography by Ausra Babiedaite | Creative Direction by Miruna Sorescu & Ausra Babiedaite

Make-up and Hair by Emilie Aagaard Andreassen

Model: Xenia Emily at Le Management DK