On everybody's lips

Words by Monique Schröder and Cristiana Dumitru | Photography by Tekla Everina Severin & Mathias Nero

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When visualising how an open-kitchen restaurant in the middle of Stockholm, in the harsh and cold Swedish winter, might look like, would a vibrant palette of warm tones—from salmon pink to red rust—be the first thing that comes to your mind? Thinking of how classic Swedish design has spoiled our eyes with a toned-down colour palette—most probably not. Sulla Bocca Di Tutti, a Swedish-Italian fusion by Note Design Studio in cooperation with star-chef Isabella Morrone, created as part of the Design Bar at the 2017 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, proves that Scandinavian simplicity and playful elements are no strangers.

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“Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair simply called us and asked if we could do something for this year’s Design Bar that is visual and quickly noticeable among all exhibitors. We’ve been working with the fair for the past three years in the Greenhouse area for independent designers and design schools; they knew we could deliver professionally”, explains Johannes Carlström, Co-Founder and Interior Architect of Note Design Studio.

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This request came as no surprise for the team. Since 2008, Note has gained international recognition, working with brands such as Fogia, Menu and Camper over the past years, putting them on the radar for collaborations, also outside of Sweden. As a result, Note has received two of the most respected awards in their discipline within the last one and a half year—among others, ‘Designer of the Year’ in 2015 by Residence Magazine, and ‘Designer of the Year’ by Swedish ELLE Decoration in 2016.

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“Being in charge of the Design Bar for the Fair is a prestigious job”, he continues. “We’ve spent a lot of hours in that particular space over the past years, and after getting the chance to create our version, we took advantage of this opportunity to capture this feeling in our design.” With the weight of this project on their shoulders, Note decided to open up their creative processes for keywords and aesthetics other than ‘attractive’, ‘smart’ and ‘functional’. Instead of playing it safe, the team did quite the opposite. “It’s one of the projects that everyone will see, but we decided not to think too much about it, and just go with the good vibe. We didn’t try to make it too complicated; we wanted it to look good, feel good and make people feel invited instantly. We worked a lot with colours before, but not this much. This is the first project where we added colour everywhere, and it was quite intense.” Interior Architect Sanna Wåhlin from Note adds, “in doing so, we managed to create something visual that could easily be spotted from afar. During a workshop we had with the entire team it turned out that almost all of us had a similar vision of what it should look like: different levels of depth and height combined with various shades of strong pinks and reds.”


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